Certifying LCMS Data:

RKM Laboratory services offers the ability to certify LCMS data for your lab. Licensed Technologists that can properly certify LCMS data is incredibly challenging to find. It can limit the amount your lab can grow. RKM Laboratory Services can take that problem out of the equation. By using our team of data experts, you will have the ability to scale up your lab without having to hire full-time LCMS experts.

Method Develoment:

RKM Laboratory services will create an LCMS toxicology method for you. This includes analyte optimization, validating your method, and any training needed to run that method for lab personnel.

Lab Setup

Would you like to set up a laboratory, but don’t know where to start? Knowing who to hire, what equipment to purchase, and how to deal with licensing agencies is something RKM Laboratory Services can help you with.